Stages of Unemployment

Many millennials were told to attend college so it'll be easier for them to land a good paying job. But they weren't told the percentage of people who are still unable to gain employment with a respectable company after graduation. Many are in the limbo of not being qualified for certain positions but overqualified for others. How does this affect Stacy? Read on to find out her experience with unemployment.

Work Husband

Destiny hasn't been getting as much love as she use to thanks to her husband's recent alcoholism and their unvarying arguing. A co worker, who has had his eye on Destiny for awhile now, decides this is his opportunity to win her over. Read on to see how Destiny handles the continuous battles at home with her husband and unrelenting flirtations from her work husband.

This, Sadness, Too Shall Pass

We all have our bad days. Some people just seem to have them more frequently than others. Depression is taken lightly by a good percentage of people. While others say it's all in your head, others encourage seeking help, and other' push through with the individual. But what is it like to live a life of constant depression? What is it like to date someone who goes through these overwhelming emotions? Jasmine can give you a glimpse of this kind of life.

Ambition-less Girl

Nikki is the epitome of what rappers talk about in their songs. She has it all- 20 inch Brazilian hair, Michael Kors bags and watches, red bottoms and etc. That's what she considers "having it all". It doesn't matter that she didn't get it on her own. It doesn't matter that she uses men to get it. She has little desire to succeed on her own as long as she's in a man's arms. It took one particular guy to teach her a lesson the hard way.

Soul Snatching Strangers

Sometimes we need to unleash our minds and communicate with people who we are unfamiliar with to either get a fresh perspective or just to have an unbiased opinion. For some reason it's easier to have conversations from the heart with strangers. Who's better to keep your secrets other than someone you'll most likely never see again? Read how Jasmine and Manny met on top of a roof and dug into each other's soul.

Long Distance Lover

It's a known fact that millennials are in the age of traveling. When they do travel, they meet other young, ambitious, and dope people. If you mix attraction, similarities, and good conversation, you got yourself a good time! The problem is that eventually reality hits- you live nowhere near each other. Stacy knows all about having a long distance lover.

Lisa & Jay

Over time dating techniques have changed. The only thing that remains the same are the overwhelming emotions such as excitement, anxiety, and other mixed feelings. Lisa and Jay met as teenagers in the 90s. Take a look at their love story and how times have changed.