Ambition-less Girl

Nikki is the epitome of what rappers talk about in their songs. She has it all- 20 inch Brazilian hair, Michael Kors bags and watches, red bottoms and etc. That's what she considers "having it all". It doesn't matter that she didn't get it on her own. It doesn't matter that she uses men to get it. She has little desire to succeed on her own as long as she's in a man's arms. It took one particular guy to teach her a lesson the hard way.

Soul Snatching Strangers

Sometimes we need to unleash our minds and communicate with people who we are unfamiliar with to either get a fresh perspective or just to have an unbiased opinion. For some reason it's easier to have conversations from the heart with strangers. Who's better to keep your secrets other than someone you'll most likely never see again? Read how Jasmine and Manny met on top of a roof and dug into each other's soul.